10 Diseases you could have and not even know about it

It is important that you have regular check-ups with your doctor to ensure that you are in good health, and so many of these diseases can be spotted and dealt with.

Want to learn more about these diseases? Here is a list of 10 diseases you could have and not even know about

1. Pica

If you have watched some episodes of my Strange Addiction, you might have a hunch about what pica really is. It is a disease that gives you a craving for things that aren’t your regular food. People with pica tend to have uncontrollable cravings to eat dirt, plaster, paint chips, plastic, or rocks. You know how hard it is to resist a pizza craving, imagine having cravings for dirt!

2. Liposarcoma

Liposarcoma is a kind of malignant tumor which occurs in fat cells in your soft tissue. Usually, a person with this kind of tumor will not feel the symptoms until the tumor has grown large and settled deep within the tissue. At this point, it can become difficult to remove and cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

3. Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome


Yes, this is a real thing, and it means exactly what you would think it does. You die literally. It affects mostly young adult males of Laotian and Hmong descent. Healthy normal people go to bed one night and never wake up.

4.Mad cow disease

Mad cow disease is fatal and incurable. You just get it and not be aware of it. It drills holes in your brain, but you still would have no idea the meat you are eating is infected, simply cooking won’t sterilize it.

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5. Huntington’s disease

This causes your brain to unravel and your body to move on its own. You will experience hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, speech impairment, and involuntary limb movement! The scariest thing about this disease is it usually does not show up until 35 or later. So you could go through all the struggles of your 20s and figure it all out, and your sigh of relief is canceled because your life is over. Cool. It’s genetic and incurable.

6. Cornu Cutaneum

Cornu Cutaneum is a mysterious horn that grows out of your head. Like, devil horns. There is no specific cause for it, but you will have to get your horns removed with a razor. Ouch

7. Fatal Familial Insomnia

We have heard people talking about their” insomnia” problem at one point or another. It is too easy to have disruptive sleep patterns today when most people sleep with their phones. But this disease will make your night of bad sleep look like a Disney movie horror. Not only will you have sleepless nights, but you will lose a ton of weight, get panic attacks, have hallucinations, and eventually die. The next time you are tossing and turning, consider the mutant variant that is not genetic: sporadic fatal insomnia.

8. Fish Odor Syndrome

Imagine getting a disease that makes you stink like a fish. Fish odor syndrome is incurable and has nothing to do with hygiene. You can shower all day before your big date, but you are still going to have an odor. Fish odor syndrome is genetic, but you will notice it is only later as the symptoms start to fluctuate with diet.

9.Celiac disease

This disease does actually present symptoms, but you still might still not know that you have it. It includes the body being unable to digest foods that contain gluten. That means you will have trouble when you eat bread, pasta, etc.

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The symptoms might include unexplained and sudden weight loss even when you consider your diet to be pretty normal. You might also experience fatigue, general weakness, and some bloating. You may well have these symptoms for a while and never know they’re caused by celiac disease.

And, in most cases, the symptoms are so common that a person will never consider going to the doctor for it.

10. Exploding Head Syndrome

If your life wasn’t hard enough already, keep in mind that you could have a disorder that makes you hear loud noises. The Exploding head syndrome causes you to hear crazy loud noises or see flashes of light that aren’t actually there. It can develop at any time in life, possibly in response to stress. People who suffer from it often describe it as “noise as if the head will burst open.” Remember, it usually happens when you are about to fall asleep.

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