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5 reasons why being a food technologist is one of the coolest job

Foodtech is the term that is uncommon to most people, but it’s starting to pop up again and again in small circles across the globe. One may be familiar with the term food technology (if not, Wikipedia has it covered), but food technology is more than just a branch of food science. It’s new and exciting and as yet not entirely defined. From Louis Pasteur’s research on the spoilage of wine until today, food biotechnology has taken an astounding height. So, here are the five benefits of studying food biotechnology/food tech.

1. Job security



The food industry is one of the largest on the planet, and people will always have to eat. This means if you are working anywhere along the food supply chain, you will always have a job. Although there are food companies that close or have layoffs, chances are you can apply your skills to other foods or processes, which is a huge benefit of this degree.

2. Diverse environment

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When working in the food industry, there are thousands of different jobs available. You aren’t limited to lab work or a desk job. There is something for everyone, whether it be in quality, R&D, sales, marketing, manufacturing, teaching, or in government. The food science degree is inherently multidisciplinary, which opens up a myriad of opportunities.

3. Salary possibilities


A degree in food science offers many opportunities to earn top-dollar salaries. The median salary in 2015 for people with a degree in food science was estimated at more than $80,000 and even higher for those with graduate degrees. Median starting salaries were $44,000. People who got into management positions made six figures and above.

4. The food


If you love food, you will enjoy working in this industry. Whether you are creating exciting new products, testing products for quality, or doing research, you will be exposed to a plethora of amazing food. You will discover dishes and flavor combinations you have never even knew existed (and may even like it).

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5. Travel opportunities


The food industry is global, and many large companies in the United States also conduct business in several other countries. Depending on your position, it’s likely you will get to travel, often paid for by your company or agency.

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