5 strange signs you get when you have an allergic reactions

Allergies are tough to deal with.Usually the body responds to indoor and outdoor allergens with mild reactions, such as sneezing. Sometimes, one can experience more severe symptoms like dizziness, difficulty breathing and stomach cramping.

But some allergic reactions are weird.Lets have a look at 5 strange signs that you’re having when you have an allergic reaction:

1. Skin tumors

People who get permanent tattoos have strange skin growths(tumor).

In a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, researchers analyzed eight people of tattoo-related skin tumors, and found that red tattoo ink was associated with most of the skin tumors.

Experts say the skin recognizes the red ink as a foreign substance, and triggers an immune response.
Blisters, hives and swollen skin.There are people who are allergic to the sun and experience symptoms such as blisters, hives and swelling of the skin when they’re exposed to it.The abnormal reaction to sunlight is mostly due to ultraviolet rays, according to the Mayo Clinic

2. Feeling dizzy near your cell phone

This generation cannot live without cell phones which has exposure to an electromagnetic field, or EMF at a low frequency.

There have been many cases of people who claim to be sensitive to EMF. They experience nausea, headache,dizziness  and sleeping problems if they are in close contact to an electronic device.

One case was observed where a female doctor claimed to have EMF sensitivity and developed pain, headache and muscle twitching when she was exposed to an EMF in a double-blind experiment.But others have doubted such cases, and research hasn’t shown how exposure to EMF might trigger an allergic response.

3. Black spots on the skin

An itchy rash may be due to some allergic reaction to poison ivy or poison oak, but there are also some rare cases where people develop black spots, according to a 2008 study published in the journal Dermatitis.

When the plant’s oily secretion, is exposed to the air, black shiny deposits form on the skin and clothing

Scientists also said that the spots eventually peeled off, and the skin healed without scarring.

4. Lesions on the genitals

Skin lesion aren’t necessarily the sign of a sexually transmitted diseases.

According to a study, a 42-year-old man had an allergic reaction after having sex with a partner who had used a medicated vaginal cream.

The man was sensitivite to co-trimoxazole, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections and often found in vaginal creams. He developed strange lesions on his penis after having sex with his wife.

5. A bright red butt

People who are exposed to certain metals, medications and plants or herbs, can develop Baboon Syndrome. That’s right, the condition means developing a bright red rash, primarily on the butt, closely resembling a baboon’s butt, according to the reports.

The red rash can appear on the anus, genitals and inner thighs, and may be itchy and painful, but the syndrome doesn’t pose any serious health risks.

Studies have shown that antibiotics and antibacterials administered by mouth, intravenously or on the skin can also trigger the reaction.

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