7 Facts About Your Blood Type That Will Amaze you

How much do we actually think about our blood type? It is not a usual thing that pops into your head every day or months. At least not until you realize just how much does your blood type actually matters.

Here are seven amazing facts about your blood group, which will leave you surprised for sure:

1. Blood type affects your choice of the mating partner

Blood group is not only classified into A, B, O, and AB, but they are also Rh-positive or Rh-negative. Researchers have found out that when Rh-positive people mate, things will go smoothly. But the problems arise when Rh-positive man mates with Rh-negative woman. This exposes the baby to potential damage.

2. Angry or stressed all the time? Have a look at your blood type!

Type A blood group produces more cortisol than normal, and because of that, their stress levels also tend to be higher than average. People who have Type O blood groups are more vulnerable to outbursts of anger.

3. The blood type affects what food you should be eating

Various blood types result in varying nutritional needs. People who have Type O blood groups tend to have digestion problems. Essentially they require a high-protein diet with plenty of poultry, lean meat, fish, and vegetables.

People with Type A individuals have an immune system and should eat lots of vegetables and citruses like spinach, broccoli, and garlic. People with Type B blood produce higher than stress hormone levels.  They must avoid trans fats, alcohol, and vegetable oils. People with Type AB individuals typically lack stomach acid. They should consume things like honey and cider to raise stomach acid levels and ensure proper digestion.

4. Blood type affects fertility

Researchers have shown that women with  Type O blood groups tend to be the least fertile. Studies show that many women in their 30s found that women with that blood type contain few eggs that have a hard time maintaining fertility.

5. Blood type affects your personality

People with Type A blood are kind, compassionate people who put other people’s needs before their own. Type B blood group is often found in individuals who are friendly, outgoing, and emotionally flexible. Type AB blood groups are strong and practical. Type O blood group people tend to worry a lot and are organized and are practical.

6. Your blood group affects the amount of belly fat you have

People with type A blood group tend to react badly to food like meat, dairy, and shellfish. These reactions make it difficult to lose belly fat. That also causes an increase in diabetes risk, acid reflux, bloating, and indigestion.

7. Knowing your blood type can save your life

Getting to Know your blood type is important for numerous reasons. Supposedly if you are traveling abroad and wind up in an accident. One could require a blood transfusion. But until you have got documentation signifying what your blood type is, doctors won’t be able to tell what kind of blood you need quickly. Transfusion with a blood type different than your own can lead to a number of complications, some of which can put your life at risk.

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