8 Benefits of Medicinal Mushroom Polysaccharides You Need To Know

Researches on medicinal mushrooms found that a number of compounds in mushroom stimulates the immune function and inhibits tumor growth. The main compounds observed were polysaccharides.Think of these as simple sugars linked by glycosidic bonds. When it comes to nutrition, polysaccharides play a huge role in the body. One common example of a polysaccharide used for storage is cellulose 

Polysaccharides have shown to have immuno-stimulating and anti tumor properties. Besides antitumor and immune enhancing effects of polysaccharides in mushrooms, research has also shown polysaccharides to have antibiotic and antiviral properties. Mushroom polysaccharides  have the ability to lower blood pressure and reduce blood levels of lipids and sugar.

The benefits of Mushroom Polysaccharide:

1. Anti-tumor

An experiment has confirmed that the active components of Mushroom Polysaccharide has no direct cell poison effect, but it can enhance anti-tumor immunity and induce tumor cells apoptosis, and thus may play a role of anti-tumor.

2. Adjusting immunity

It can improve the macrophage phagocytosis percentage, and the stronger the activity of macrophages, the higher the body’s immunity. Macrophages helps in playing an important role in the immune system, which is not only related to specific immune, with the body’s nonspecific immune defense mechanism. The phagocytosis of macrophages is the body’s mainly defense mechanisms against foreign bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

3. Prevents cardiovascular disease

It has cardiotonic effect. It can strengthen the myocardial contraction force, increase the myocardial contraction amplitude and discharge, improve myocardial cell hypoxia ability. Reishi can also improve the blood circulation in coronary artery.And coronary artery expansion, can increase myocardial nutritional blood flow and improve myocardial circulation, and can prevent other cardiovascular related disease.

4.Enhances metabolism

Polysaccharide has the ability to accelerate the circulation of blood in the pancreas skin, improving the pancreas function. Then to correct the body’s metabolism disorders of the sugar, protein, fat, to restore the original state of metabolic balance.

5. Liver-protection

Hepatitis refers to liver tissue damage that is caused by excessive toxic violation or Hepatitis b virus attacks. No matter before or after liver damage happened, taking Mushroom Polysaccharide can protect the liver and reduce the damage to the liver.

6. Enhance Sexual Function

For the patients with sexual function recession, Reishi can improve the ability to remove lipid peroxide, strengthen the function of gonad, improve sexual function recession, meanwhile it also can improve the semen insufficient, low sexual function, senile failure, energy loss and other symptoms.



Mushroom Polysaccharide has antioxidant capacity, can obviously inhibit the heart and liver lipid peroxidation effect, reducing tissue injury. Mushroom Polysaccharide can also reduce serum lipid peroxidation and obviously increase the activity of erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (SOD), then clear the super oxygen anion free radicals in the body. Tests have been proved that the Reishi could promote DNA synthesis, extend the genetic cell division algebra, prolong the life of cells, so as to slow down the ageing process.

8.Improves Neurological Symptom

Mushroom Polysaccharide has a very good effect to improve nerve function, treatment of neurasthenia and other neurosis. Not only does it improve the symptoms of patients with insomnia, but there are significant improvements of patient’s state of mind, appetite and general condition.

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