Best Anti-Aging Devices That Actually Work

The fine lines and increasing skin problems bother us more than ever. Even as young adults, we try to take precautions to lower the effects of aging in the years to come. Although we can’t run away from aging, we can delay it.

Best Anti Aging Devices

There are numerous scientific breakthroughs in the beauty industry that have given us a handful of FDA approved at-home devices that have been effectively reducing the signs of aging without side effects.

Laser Hair Growth Comb

Male pattern baldness affects nearly 70 percent of men by age 35, and 85 percent by age 50. It’s not just men who have to worry: Many women experience thinning hair, too. But there are methods meant to stop hair loss and even induce re-growth. Laser hair growth comb is one of them.

This laser comb gives low-level laser. Having been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, this laser comb has resulted in exceptional results. This comb will apply laser therapy to one’s scalp twice to thrice every week. It is based on a theory that when hair follicles absorb a certain level of the laser will benefit hair. This reverses the miniaturization and helps hair in each phase of the hair growth cycle.

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Neutrogena Skin360 SkinScanner

Many of us want to slather youth on our faces for which we have an extensive routine of Moisturizers, Vitamin C treatments, and serums. In-spite of spending hours on the skin, the result is yet contradictory. This Neutrogens’s Skin360 Scanner tells you your skin condition for you to make an informed decision regarding your skin routine later.

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It is a plastic attachment that fits on top of a phone’s camera with a 30x zoom lens and eight LED lights to illuminate the skin. The scanner will scan various regions of the skin and transfer the information to the app. The app will then translate the scanned information into scores for three different areas: Moisture, pore size, and line. There is also a setting called Magnify Mode, where you can lay the lens on top of your skin and get a 30X zoom look at your skin.

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Foreo IRIS Eye Massager

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As we grow older, our eyes are the first place where the signs of all the stressful and tiring years appear. The skin around the eyes is delicate, which makes picking up all the all-nighters, too much screen-time, partying—nothing goes unnoticed, and the increasing pollution only makes it worse.

In order to bring back the youthful eye area, the skincare has to go beyond pressing cucumbers and teabags. The iris massager developed by Swedish brand Foreo does just that. It uses T sonic pulsations and finger-like taps to massage the eye area. This massager stimulates blood flow around the eye and relaxes the muscles there. It has shown to be 70% effective at reducing dar circles and puffiness and 43% effective at reducing wrinkles.

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Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device

The number of facial sculpting devices is increasing and advancing. Skincare rituals have revolutionized from serially cleaning to using multiple machines. This Nuface Trinity facial toning device uses microcurrent technology to lift and tone the facial skin.

This microcurrent facial device stimulates the muscles and skin. The current stimulates the muscle to have the firmness one would want. It also increases the lymphatic system drainage making the skin look less puffy. This device also stimulates the production of collagen, which makes the skin tight and youthful. This handheld facial toning device, approved by the FDA, improves facial contour, skin tone, and reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Project E Beauty RED Light Microdermabrasion

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For most women, the most annoying thing that happens is the uneven skin texture. Unlike discoloration, which can be handily hidden with a quick dab of concealer, uneven skin texture is very difficult to cover and tricker to treat it.

Project E Beauty Red light dermabrasion has brought just the cure for all the aforementioned problems. It is an easy to use red light therapy treatment which has proved to slow down signs of aging, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and help wounds and injuries heal faster. Red light works by increasing the mitochondrial function. As the cellular energy in increasing the healing of sunburn, fading of scars, smoothing of the skin, etc. is increased. It also reduced macular degeneration of skin.

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3D Printed Face Masks

Face masks have been especially popular lately as a part of a beauty regime. Combining the increasing use of face mask, technological innovation, and personalization, Neutrogena has launched a  micro 3D printed face mask that’s customized in both shape and ingredients.

According to the photo taken in the mask ID, one can view the condition of the skin like the size of pores or it dryness in particular area and customize a face mask with needed materials at different areas, i.e., forehead, eye area, cheeks, nose, nasolabial folds, and the chin. These masks use micro 3D printing because of which the exact facial alignment is obtained. According to the requirements, the customized mask will be delivered to the customer.

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