Cytodiagnostics-perfect solution for Nano Biotechnology derived products

Cytodiagnostics, a biotechnology company based in Canada, is developing nanotechnology derived products. They have been providing services for International Life Science and Material Science markets.

The products and services focus on development and research, which includes:

1. Polystyrene Beads

2. Application-Specific Assays & Support Reagents

3. Gold and Silver Nanoparticles


4. Magnetic Nanoparticles


The company’s main goal is to provide product satisfaction, and they ensure that they deliver their products in the quickest possible manner. They guarantee the highest quality products that have gone through various tests. One of the features of this company is that they also customize the products as requested by the customer. Cytodiagnostics is run by a group of scientists who have come together for the pursuit of scientific advancement. And they welcome the opportunity to work with others on revolutionary projects, even for complicated ones.


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