Top 5 Dermatology Contract Research Organization (CROs)

Contract research organizations are organizations that support pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies to conduct outsourced research services. The CROs are used for both drugs and medical devices. Any research work required for pharma and biotech companies, from designing the project to running the clinical trials is outsourced from CROs. CROs helps save time and money of these biotech companies.

5 Dermatology CROs

Dermatology CROs

There are many CROs working for biotech and pharma companies on many different branches of the medical industry. Some of these CROs work on a specific branch of medicine only. In this post, we have featured few CROs or Contract Research Organization in Dermatology.

1. Bioskin®

Headquarter: Hamburg, Germany

Established: 1992

Bioskin is a full-service contract research organization specialized in dermatology and related indications. It was founded in 1992 as a small CRO specializing in conducting early phase safety and efficacy trials. It has now grown into a full-service organization offering global dermatologic consulting and regulatory services with its headquarters in Hamburg and California.

Its expertise is the development of innovative designs for testing, interpretation of the obtained results, integrating biophysical measurement for delivering objective data about skin function and structure to support traditional clinical endpoints. All of these are overseen by experts.

2. Proinnovera

Headquarter: Münster, Germany

Established: 1997

Proinnovera is a contract research organization which operates on a set of values as listed on their website. It is a CRO looking to master new challenges with creativity and inspiration. They are determined to develop individualized and product-specific solutions. They work with highly qualified specialists for dermatology, they quickly guide one’s study through start-up for starting recruitment. This speed will bring the project significantly closer to the active study phase and closer to market authorization.

3. Biorasi

Headquarter: Miami, Florida

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Established: 2002

Biorasi is recognized as a premier contract research organization. It is one of the most robust and innovative operating platforms in the industry. Its full-service project teams have developed numerous drugs, devices that have been approved by the FDA. With its headquarters in Miami, Florida, this CRO’s main aim is to help its sponsors succeed by developing and implementing groundbreaking methods of optimizing clinical research.

Biorasi is a fully equipped organization able to design and manage all the phases of research, including clinical trials. It has largely bee able to gather successful results from complex clinical trials, for which they were awarded a coveted CRO award.

4. Javara

Headquarter: Winston-Salem, NC

Establishment: 2018

Javara is an organization that provides researchers and its healthcare partners an aligned, efficient, and effective solution to the challenges of patient inclusion in clinical trials. It provides a comprehensive research infrastructure including people, technology and processes.  It has a group of clinical research professionals that are committed to being a transformational model.

Javara is an organization that majorly focuses on clinical trials. In addition to research and trials, it finds relevant pathways for its partners to bring the drug to the market. It not only aims to bring valuable breakthroughs but also focuses on methods to enhance the patient journey.

5. TFS

Headquarter: Lund, Sweden

Establishment: 1996

TFS is a global mid-sized contract research organization. It aims to provide the highest level of competence, experience, and attention to ensure the best possible results for the customers. They custom design each person’s research and clinical trials, which is handled by a group of experts.

With the belief, ”Global in mind, local in heart”, the research organization ensures to fulfill clinical trial requirements in every country according to its needs and promises to bring the drug to market in a shorter period of time.

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