8 Foods to Help Your Digestion

Most of the people experience digestive problems once a month. There are countless issues and symptoms when your digestive system is not good. Your stomach is the key organ in your body that serves for the whole body. You should rely on the foods that are healthy and good for your stomach; otherwise, you should be ready to face unintended consequences.

Whenever you eat something, the stomach breaks down the food and provides energy, growth, and helps in various other functions for the body. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, and bloating are common health issues whenever you have digestive problems. When you see these health issues, you must check your diet. Not every diet can boost the digestive system, but some specific foods can make a difference.

Foods to Help Your Digestion

  • Yogurt
  • Whole Grains
  • Fish Oil
  • Peppermint
  • Dark Green Vegetables
  • Ginger
  • Low-Fructose Fruits
  • Beets

Foods to Help Your Digestion

There are a variety of foods out there, and you need to choose the best foods from the list. The quality food will help you get rid of the digestive issues, and you will be eating healthy forever. So, the following are the foods that you need to choose because hey help your digestion to a large extent.

1. Yogurt

No one can deny the importance of yogurt when it comes to digestion. Yogurt has a certain helpful ingredient that improves the digestive system. Studies have shown that yogurt contains friendly bacteria called probiotics that improve digestion and keep your gut healthy. A study has shown that how yogurt can boost digestion through probiotics. Eating yogurt is the best option when you are experiencing bloating and constipation. National Health Services (NHS) recommends taking yogurt every day for four weeks to overcome the digestion issues.

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains are also very effective for digestion. You need 25 grams of fibers for the proper functioning of the colon so, if you are looking for the best food for your gut, then whole grains are the best option. This is because whole grains are rich in fibers to assist the digestive system. Certain friendly bacteria live on healthy fiber and contribute to the proper functioning of 70% of the immune cells in the gut, according to Linda Lee, MD.

3. Fish Oil

Choosing fish like tuna and salmon is an excellent choice if you want to fix your digestion issues effectively. You can either eat fish or rely on fish oil. You will find many fish oil supplements as well. According to the researchers, a person can get admirable results with fish oil if he is experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  According to research, the consumption of salmon prevents inflammation in your body because this fish contains omega-3 fatty acids in abundance.

4. Peppermint

You can also get incredible results with the use of peppermint as many studies back this food item. It is available in oil along with essential oil. Various scientific studies have shown that the presence of menthol in peppermint oil makes it the best oil for the prevention of bloating, stomach discomfort, and IBS.  This oil also offers incredible soothing effects to the muscles of the digestive tract to boost digestion.

It contains other helpful ingredients such as tea that are extremely useful for the stomach. Madeline R. Vann, MPH, recommends taking peppermint oil for four weeks if you are experiencing any digestion. It will soothe your stomach, improves the working of the stomach, and makes you feel relaxed.

5. Dark Green Vegetables

As mentioned earlier, fibers are beneficial for stomach and digestion, as but we don’t know the foods that contain fibers in abundance. Well, dark green vegetables are those food items that contain fiber and correct your stomach. Green vegetables are also a huge source of magnesium that provides an excellent solution for constipation, according to a study. This is the reason that you should eat kale, spinach, and other dark green vegetables.

Recent research published in the Journal of Nature Chemical Biology has shown that dark green vegetables also promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut by feeding them with special sugar. This is how leafy green vegetables boost the performance of the digestive tract.

6. Ginger

Ginger is an excellent food item for the digestive system, and it has been in use for centuries for this sole purpose. Research has shown that ginger increases the removal of foods from the stomach and moves it to the small intestine. This is how ginger prevents you from stomach discomfort and heartburn. This is the reason that adding ginger to your meal is the best choice.

7. Low-Fructose Fruits

According to Linda Lee, MD, the more you eat high fructose fruits, the more you will experience the gas problem. This is the reason that you need to eat low fructose fruit. The consumption of low fructose fruits is essential in declining digestion related health issues. The fruits that are less in fructose are grapes, berries, banana, and citrus fruits.

These fruits are rich in fiber content so, low-fructose fruits help in the proper growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. Similarly, many other fruits also contain essential minerals and vitamins to assist the digestive system. So, adding these fruits in your list will be a great addition.

8. Beets

Beets provide incredible help in digestion as they are rich in fibers. One cup of beets provides 3.4 grams of fibers. A study showed how they help increase the growth of gut bacteria. You can use beets in various salads and smoothies.

Final Thoughts

The digestive issue can’t be overlooked as it becomes severe if you don’t change your diet. Every eatable around you may not assist indigestion, but only the recommended food items can provide remarkable benefits. This is the reason that you should pick only those food that offers incredible benefits in this regard.

This article narrates the scientific evidence-based benefits of various food items. Eating beets, fruits, ginger, green leafy vegetables, peppermint, yogurt, whole grains, and fish oil improve digestion. If you are looking for the best foods to get rid of digestive issues, consider adding these foods.

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