General Outlook on 5 Major Branches of Biotechnology


Biotechnology has more than a few different branches, which are referred to by dissimilar terms mainly noticeable with dissimilar colors to clarify the biotechnological field that it is used in. The majority of extensively used ones will be introduced here. First of all, there is the red biotechnology that is used for healing processes, like finding genetic cures by going through genomic manipulations and creating organisms to produce antibiotics.

Branches of Biotechnology

The following are the Major Branches of Biotechnology.

1. Blue Biotechnology:


This branch of biotechnology helps to control the marine organisms and water-borne organisms. It is a process that has to do with the marine or underwater environment. The use of this biotechnology is very rare. Blue biotechnology is used to protect marine organisms from harmful diseases underwater.

2. Bioinformatics

3D abstraction Illustration.

Bioinformatics is a combination of computers and biotechnology. It helps in finding the analysis of data related to Biotechnology. It is used for various purposes like drugs, for the development of medicines. And it is also used to improve the fertility of crops and plants and also for pest, drought and it is resistant to diseases. Bioinformatics is known and referred by the term computational biology. It plays an important and vital role in areas like Functional genomics, structural genomics, and proteomics. These areas contribute a lot and become a key contributor to the Biotechnology and pharma sector.

3. Green Biotechnology


Green Biotechnology is the term used for the agricultural sector. With the help of the process called the Micropropagation (a practice of producing a larger number of plants through the existing stock of plants), which helps in selecting the right quality of plants and crops. Also, with the help of Transgenic plants (plants whose DNA is modified), this design of transgenic plants helps to grow in a specified environment with the help of certain chemicals.

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4. Red Biotechnology


Red biotechnology is referred to as Medical Biotechnology. It is used for the production of drugs and antibiotic medicines. It also helps to create or design organisms. Through the process of genetic manipulation, it helps to cure genetic issues in organisms. It also helps in analyzing diseases in organisms. It also helps in developing new ways of diagnosis by performing tests. With the help of stem cell therapy, it helps the organs to grow, and it also cures the damaged tissues in organisms.

5. White Biotechnology


White Biotechnology is also called and known by the name Industry Biotechnology. This kind of biotechnology is used and applied in industries. The various uses of this Biotechnology include; biopolymers (Plastics) Substitutes, the new invention of vehicle parts and fuels for the vehicles, an invention of fibers for the clothing industry, it is also involved in developing new chemicals and the production process.

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