This genetic startup will pay you for your DNA data

Even though the first whole human genome sequencing cost around $2.7 billion, it has dropped rapidly now. Many genetics startups are taking an interest in the double helix’s that make up you.

Genos, a company based in San Francisco, is a startup that is using a next-generation sequencing process that contains information about your genes(both good and bad) on a deeper level, and it also helps the scientist to get funding on the genetic map to help with disease discovery.

The startup is planning to sequence the whole genome in the near future, but for now, it is sequencing only the exome. Exome plays a vital role in discovering diseases caused by rare mutations. The sequencing will result in adding more detail information for your genetic makeup. Once sequenced, you can dive into your genes and explore the Traits that make you “you.” Raw data from your sequencing enables you to extend your discovery – you choose when and how.

This type of Next-gen sequencing technique may help you know that you might get a certain form of breast cancer, for instance. Other companies like Color Genomics, Helix, and Veritas are all betting on the newer sequencing techniques for giving more information and gives us a better understanding of our chances for disease.

Genos is creating a map by encouraging individuals to aid the research process. Some companies are asking people to fill the form o take a quiz, but Genos plans to motivate people by paying for their information each time.

It is also worth noting that plenty of genetics companies are currently getting voluntary information for free
Genos is gearing up for that aforementioned launch and just closed on a $6 million strategic investment from cancer discovery platform NantOmics.

Other genomics startups have raised more and are further along in deploying their products. Still, Genos’ approach to gathering data by paying for it seems an interesting one, and the company is building a great team behind it. Now we will just have to see how it goes.

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