Hair Test for Food Intolerance

Why is the Food Allergy or Intolerance Test Necessary?

Food allergy and intolerance are some of the major concerns nowadays. They are more common in children as compared to adults. About 10% of children and 3% of adults develop allergies in their life. Many tests are available that help to determine the cause of food allergy/intolerance. These tests find the cause of the problem and help people to adopt behaviors to live a good life.  There are many people having food allergies. Those people should take the food intolerance test and take important measures to improve the condition.

Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance

Food allergy is dangerous to one’s life. A person should be very careful while dealing with food allergies. Symptoms vary from rash appearance to edema(swelling) formation. On the other hand, food intolerance is not that severe and may cause symptoms like bloating digestive issues, and skin irritation, etc. Food intolerances are difficult to diagnose. Food intolerances may be due to some enzyme deficiency, which makes digestion of food difficult and causing symptoms like bloating. These enzymatic deficiencies are difficult to be tested and make the diagnosis of intolerance a daunting task.  To sort out food allergy from food intolerance requires consult of dietician and allergist.

hair test for food allergy

Hair Analysis Test

A hair analysis test can be used to determine whether a person is using drugs(like cocaine, amphetamines, etc.) or not. It can be used to identify chronic exposure to harmful metals that deposit in hair wth time like arsenic. It is also helpful to detect some genetic disorders as well. Hair analysis tests are less invasive, and results are available in a short time that prompts people to use it.

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This test examines the mineral content of the hair. Its basis is that if a person takes a harmful substance, it adds to the mineral makeup of hair. Some doctors may recommend this test to detect a food allergy. Food allergy is diagnosed by measuring IgE antibodies in the blood. Food intolerance is detected by measuring IgG levels.

Mechanism of Hair Analysis Test

Some services use a machine that can detect up to 50 substances in hair. They use biorhythm charts and auditory/visual systems on computer programs. Some labs use bio-resonance testing to detect food intolerance using some strands of hair as a sample. Bioresonance testing is part of research projects. It may work as a substitute for conventional blood tests.

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Hair Analysis Tests vs. Other Tests

Normally, skin prick tests and blood tests are used to determine the food allergy/intolerance if symptoms develop early. If symptoms develop gradually, a food elimination diet test can be used. Skin prick tests are based on the principle that pricking the skin with allergens will produce a reaction. Blood tests measure the number of allergic antibodies. In the food elimination test, when a particular food is eliminated from the diet for some weeks, the condition of the person improves. On the introduction of food, the condition worsens. This is a positive allergic/intolerance test. The food elimination/introduction test is considered the gold standard to detect food intolerance and food allergies. This food elimination test should be used to diagnose the intolerance in children under the supervision of a doctor or health professional.

Some other tests diagnose the food intolerance which includes vega testing(it identifies allergies by use of electromagnetic field), kinesiology testing(detects food intolerance by examining muscle responses), hair analysis(detects food allergies by different tests) and alternative blood tests like leucocytotoxic tests( measures the swelling of white blood cells to detect food intolerance).

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Is Hair Analysis Test Costly?

People suffering from allergies pay a large sum of money to find the reasons. A hair test could be more affordable. In return, they may get a paper in which there is advice to avoid certain foods. Omitting them from the diet will surely be beneficial. The hair analysis test can detect nutritional deficiencies in a person. These tests are certainly helpful for some people.


Where Can I Get Hair Test for Food Intolerance?

If you want to know what’s causing your food intolerance or allergy, you can try hair testing service online directly. Intolerance Lab is a good example. It can help you to find out any hidden allergies or intolerances after you send your hair sample.


People try to use any method available to diagnose the cause of their condition(food allergy/intolerance). A hair analysis test is noninvasive, and results can be obtained in a short time. The health authorities should devise methods to know about the authenticity of tools used to access the problem and educate the people about the findings of this research.

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