This hand print shows that we are all crawling with bacteria

Micro-organisms! Even though we cant see them they are everywhere. A microbiologist stuck her son’s hand in a petri dish to give a gentle remineder to the internet that we are all covered in germs. But it is not a bad thing.

Tasha Sturm, a microbiology tech at Cabrillo College asked her son to make a hand print in an agar petridish. Agar generally contains nutrient medium for micro-organism to grow and thrive.

After the hand print was put she kept the plate in the incubator. This led the bacteria and other micro-organism to grow in the culture that you see above. This was a viral picture and was viewed more than 2 million times in Imgur.

Even though it looks  deadly she assures that these are the bacteria which is not dangerous and normally found in the human hand .” The blotches are all likely common bacteria” saya Sturm

People must remember that bacteria are found everywhere. But our immune system fights against them on daily basis.

And her son?

He thought those were the neatest thing on the planet

Source: Huffington post

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