This new drug against Herpes is said to be better than any in the market

A new antiviral treatment against genitial herpes has shown better performance than the ones available treatments. “pritelivir ” a new antiviral treatment produced by a leading pharmaceutical company AiCurius, has passed the phase II trail.

This company has been researching and developing  treatments for infectious disease and focuses exclusively on reserach of novel antivirus and its cure. The drug pritelivir has not only completed a Phase II trial in which its performance was better than the current drugs used for treatment of genitial herpes but when it was compared with another drug Valacyclovir it showed much more improvement that that drug. It had minimised the virus shedding, pain and also their was lesser genitial lesions in the patients.

This drug mostly focuses on molecular level and due to this reason it is able to minimize the effect of virus. Pritelivir is different than other regular antiviral drugs as they had nucleoside analogs that basically stopped thecopying process of new viral DNA but it rather focuses on preventing the whole process by inhibiting the helicase primase complex which opens the DNA chain which has to be copied.Not only that, it does not require activation within the infected cell and can protect the uninfected cells as well.

From these results it was concluded  that pritelivir could also be useful for patients who have impaired  immune system with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) strains that is usually resistant to nucleoside analogs. The CEO of AiCuris have said that they are planning to start the trail session in the patients very soon.
This Europe based company may have a strong competition with Genocea, which is a US based company that has completed a Phase IIb  trail of new drug which is also an immunotherapy that fight against the HSV virus. But AiCuris however do not have no such competion within the country.

The drug Pritelivir basically targets the HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus that makes it effective against both cold sores and genital herpes, respectively. The company has started to evaluate the suitable patients for the Phase II trial and will soon run the tests even for cold sores.

Not only that, this company is now developing a therapy for hepatitis B, and has recently licensed an antiviral drug which fights against human cytomegalovirus (CMV) to MSD in a record deal.

This German based biotech company seems to be determined to make a difference in the lives of millions lives with infectious diseases. On top of that AiCuris has also entered clinical trials phases with a new antibiotic drug which helps in treatment of  multi-resistant bacterial infections (superbugs).

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