NuMedii is translating Life Science Big Data into therapies

Bioinformatics is usually a hard field for startups – there are few success stories. NuMedii is one of the startups which is slowly paving its way towards successful future. They plan on discovering effective new drugs by translating Life Sciences Big Data into therapies with a higher probability of therapeutic success as it mission.

NuMedii consists millions of raw biological and pharmacological and clinical data points that the company will annotated. They integrate these data with proprietary network-based algorithms to find both drug candidates and bio markers predictive of efficacy for diseases.

They are initially using the Big Data technology for discovering the new indications for safe, existing drugs. The company plans to apply the same approach to discover new molecular entities based on therapeutically relevant biological networks.

The Company uses its technology to translate novel disease-drug connections into new indications for existing drugs and optimal indications for new drugs. They have partnered with pharmaceutical companies for the clinical development and commercialization of its de-risked drug candidates. The reason why they are growing stronger is :

1. Innovative technology

They use proprietary and proven integrative biology methods for identifying new indications.

2. New Opportunities

The Big Data Discovery Technology has been put back to work. They are actually looking for partnerships across the therapeutic categories.

3.World Renowned Team

They have a powerful team that comprises of world renowned scientists and biotechnology entrepreneurs.

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