Patent Watch: Lab-grown Leather

Robert Yaman of Kiran Meats compiled a comprehensive Patent Landscape spreadsheet of cellular/acellular agricultural patents. This is Part 2 in the series of cellular/acellular agriculture patent watch.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow, a New Jersey-based biotech startup founded in 2011 by Andras Forgacs, Francoise Marga, Gabor Forgacs, and Karoly Jakab. They are is widely known for creating animal-free leather in a lab which provides customers the ability to get modified leather products without harming any animals.


  • Reinforced engineered biomaterials and methods of manufacture thereof, EP3215670A1
  • Engineered leather and methods of manufacture thereof,  US20160097109A1
  • Engineered leather and methods of manufacture thereof, US20160348078A1
  • Fiber reinforced tissue composites, WO2017053433A1
  • Method for making electrocompacted leather,  EP3205754A1
  • COLLAGEN patent: Biofabricated material containing collagen fibrils, CA2958015A1


Unlike most of the startup companies working on these biomaterials, Nike Inc is a well-known athleticwear company that has been around since 1964. They have looking to use and commercialize breathable leather made from chicken feathers.


  • Footwear and other products incorporating cultured leather, US9428817B2


Vitro Labs

Vitro Labs is a San Francisco Bay Area-based biotechnology startup founded in 2016. They are using 3D tissue engineering and stem cell-based technologies to develop the first fully-scalable tissue engineering platform.


  • Engineered skin equivalent, the method of manufacture thereof and products derived therefrom, US20170306428A1 
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