Patent Watch: Lab-grown Silk

Robert Yaman of Kiran Meats compiled a comprehensive Patent Landscape spreadsheet of cellular/acellular agricultural patents. This is Part 3 in the series of cellular/acellular agriculture patent watch.

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Bolt Threads

Bolt Threads is a San Francisco Bay Area-based startup launched in 2009 by Dan Widmaier, David Breslauer, and Ethan Mirsky. They manufacture bio fabricated silk fibers Microsilk™ – based on proteins found in nature



Spiber is a Japanese biomaterials company established in 2007 by Kazuhide Sekiyama. Spiber Inc. They created QMONOS™, a synthetic spider silk fiber, and are focused on creating other protein-based materials.


  • Method for producing artificial polypeptide microfine fiber, JP5883271B2
  • Method of manufacturing a dyed protein fiber, JPWO2014002605A1
  • Spider silk protein films and a method of manufacturing the same, JPWO2014103799A1
  • The extraction method of the hydrophilic recombinant protein,  JP6077570B2
  • Polypeptide hydrogels and a method for manufacturing the same, JP5782580B2
  • Polypeptide porous body and manufacturing method thereof, JPWO2014175178A1
  • Method for producing polypeptide particles, JP5823079B2


  •  Method for producing fibroin-like protein, WO2015178465A1
  • Process for the preparation of fibroin-like protein, JPWO2015178466A1
  • Polar solvent solution and production method thereof, WO2016163336A1
  • Molded article and method for producing the molded article, WO2017047504A1
  • Method for producing fibroin-like protein, WO2017090665A1
  • Method for producing protein solution, WO2017094722A1
  • Method for producing polymer aggregate, WO2017110922A1
  • Molded article, production method for same, and method for improving the degree of crystallization of molded article, WO2017131195A1
  • Molded article, production method for same, and method for improving the toughness of molded article, WO2017131196A1
  • Modified Fibroin, WO2017222034A1
  • Composite molding composition including fibroin-like protein, and method for producing composite molding composition,  WO2018034111A1
  • Method for producing recombinant protein, WO2018025886A1
  • The production method for insoluble recombinant protein aggregate, WO2018030499A1
  • Molded body and method for producing molded body, WO2018043698A1

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