Scientists from oxford university launch research program for weed

A research program for medical marijuana has received £10m from Oxford University. It is known that weed can have a positive effect on people suffering from conditions like Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain. The university will if is possible to create new treatments by isolating the positive effects.

It does not provoke people to smoke weed but instead, it focuses on cannabinoids. They are naturally found in cannabis plant as well as in human body. The main aim of this research is to look whether these compounds can actually treat diseases or not. They will isolate the cannabinoids which are beneficial but do not have adverse effect on health.If they do manage to find them,these compounds can be turned into medicines.

In the past year marijuana has been legalized for medicinal use in several states in the US. There are many cases where cannabis was used for treating diseases like arthritis and mental disorders.

“Two years ago, in Los Angeles I was examined by a doctor and given a note which gave me legal permission to purchase, from a registered outlet, cannabis-based products, which I was advised might help the ortho-arthritis in both my hands,” says Sir Patrick Stewart who used weed for the treatment of arthritis.

Since weed is usually illegal in the UK more research is needed into how to turn them into legal, regulated, treatments.The fact that there are many successful stories of people who describe benefits of using  weed in pain and in anxiety has shown the potential therapeutic value.

But for people who do smoke weed illegally for fun, one question remains.Could this research be used to reduce the risks of recreational marijuana use and, therefore, pave the way for its legalisation?

The main target of this research is to develop a medicine rather than try and increase the hedonistic effects of cannabinoid compounds. And it is highly doubtful that people who do weed for fun would be interested in doing this type of medicine.

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