Six most common places where your hands might get contaminated by germs

The hand sanitizers you use everyday is that even safe for you? Bacteria’s are everywhere.

Nobody wants to be a “germaphobe” and nobody needs to be one. But you need to take precautions that make sense, and then boost your immunity naturally with vitamins, garlic,minerals,proven supplements, medicinal mushrooms, aloe and cinnamon.

It is a time for creating your own anti-germ spray and take it around town or avoid this six most popular places where your hands pick up germs and bacteria. Here they are:

1.Handrails in bathrooms and at hospitals

2. Handles on grocery carts and carry baskets at stores

3.Door handles

4. Tray tables on airplanes

5. Handling money

6. Condiment bottles at restaurants

So, next time someone sneezes near you, and you see them blowing their nose,do not get paranoid or have some doctor prescribe you antibiotics, which not only kill all of your good gut bacteria but also makes you more susceptible to getting sick.

All you have to do is protect your system while your body protects you. It is actually good for your body to pick up some germs and bad bacteria here and there – that’s how you build immunity to it. What weakens the immune system the quickest are antibiotics, vaccines, flu shots, lack of exercise, and antibacterial hand wipes, lotions and gels.

Supposedly a person gets sick by the transmission of germs from another person. Picture this: A family of four is about to go on a trip, they buy some bottled water and some snacks. The dad grabs the carry basket which was previously held by somebody with a cold just put back. The mom pays for the food with cash, and receives her change from the cashier who’s been fighting off the flu all week, but is not showing any symptoms anymore  The kids run into the grocery store bathroom and touch the rails, the flusher, the sink handles and the door handle on the way out.

Next, at the airport, the family stops in the restaurant near the terminal and has breakfast. Mom uses the syrup bottle and the kids use the salt and pepper shakers. At that table before them both had a throwing up virus the day before. Who knew? Next, Mom sits next to daughter on the plane, but Dad sit a couple of rows behind them, so Mom has the antibacterial wipes in her purse. Although the wipes will kill some bad bacteria they will come in contact with the tray tables, they also weaken their immune systems immediately by killing off some of the good bacteria that would have helped them fight off the flu they are about to try to battle when they get to their destination.

To make matters worse, the family will soon have to arrive at their vacation destination, and everyone will be sick, and they will go to some emergency room,get prescribed medicine, and may not even enjoy the vacation they planned so well, because they failed to plan to protect their immunity.

Get smart. Watch what you touch in public. Look into natural immunity builders, and avoid antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps, wipes, gels and sprays  at all costs

Source: Natural news

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