This startup company is using immunotherapy to restore flow of life

Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. is a preclinical stage startup company that is based in San Francisco, California. It aims to provide innovative immunotherapy for tumors that affect the blood, bone marrow, lymph, and lymphatic system.

Partnership and fundings

Amphivena had raised funding up to $14 M in a Series A financing led by MPM Capital in 2013. It has also entered into an agreement with Janssen Biotech, Inc., which gives  Janssen an exclusive power for acquiring Amphivena following the IND approval.

The company was initially funded by Janssen, which gave them an initial upfront payment plus additional contingent payments that were based on reaching predetermined milestones in return for its rights under the agreement.

They have world-class alliances that are the combination of expertise, strength, and resources of the industry. The collaboration itself is the definition of the focused and integrated network, commitment, and passion for developing the best, most innovative therapy for the treatment of blood cancer.

The main Mission

The main mission this company holds it to eradicate any blood-related cancer by using such immunotherapy. They plan to achieve it by treating patients in such a way that their immune system itself will be able to eradicate the tumor cells and their precursors too. This company hopes to restore the proper cellular balance, which is a basic need for having proper circulation and function of blood. By doing so, they aim to restore the flow of life to patients who face this life-threatening disease.

Research and Development

The R&D sector is focusing on developing a first-class bi-functional antibody therapy that can address blood cancer indications with high unmet medical needs.

For more information: Amphivena therapeutics 

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