Ten surprising facts that your genes say about you

Genes are the small sections of DNA within the genome that code for proteins. They contain the instructions for our individual characteristics like the hair color and eye.

Most DNA is the same for everybody. But a small percentage of it is yours alone. Those differences determine parts of your physical appearance, your risk for certain diseases, and even your personality. Here is a list of facts about what your genes tell about you

1. The Roots of Grey Hair

Wonder when you will get your first grey hair?Researchers have found a gene that helps figure that out.The gene, called IRF4, helps make the pigment in your hair, eyes, and skin. It may give us insight on aging and possibly how to hold off those silver strands.

2. Influence from  Father

We all know that whatever the pregnant woman eats drinks and weights will affect the baby but it is the same case for father too!
If a man tends to over drink there is a possibility that his genes might change .  If passed down, those changes may pass down to their kids or even the gran kids and chances of getting conditions like autism, diabetes, and cancer is maximum.

3. A Weighty Discovery

What you eat and how much you exercise isn’t the whole story when it comes to your size. The genes also plays a part. Researchers have discovered that some people’s genes tends to push them toward a higher than healthy weight.

4. A Better Look at Blindness

It is now believed that several dozen gene variations may raise the risk of age-related macular degeneration, or AMD. This is a leading cause of blindness in people 50 and older.
Some combinations have been tied to wet AMD, a more advanced form of the disease.
This means that doctors might one day be able to test for genetic risk and come up with new ways for preventing and treating both disorders.

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5. Genes Say Yes, They Say No

Research have found that a handful of people who were predicted to have inherited childhood diseases do not have them. They are now searching for more of these people. The main aim is to figure out why dint they have the diseases and this might help in finding the treatment.

6. Worm our cousin?

Scientist from Japan have found out that people share roughly  about 70% of their genetic makeup  with tiny acorn worms. These creatures live in the water and breathe through slits in their guts similar to fish gills. There are proofs that those slits evolved into our jaw, tongue, voice box, and throat muscles.

7. Nature AND Nurture

If the news about genetics has left you wondering about what could possibly hidden in your DNA, you should remember that it not only depends upon your health, personality, and your genes but also your environment and the lifestyle you have.

8.Gluten slip

In average 40% of people may have genes that is linked to celiac disease. This disorder stops you from digesting gluten and causes inflammation in the intestines.

But only about 1% of the people with these genes have symptoms of the disease

9.Viruses may Boost the Immunity

Our ancestors have faced many viral illnesses as our species evolved.Today some part of your DNA is a leftovers from viruses that our ancestors fought off. Researchers used to think these strange bits had no purpose. But when they removed them from cells in a lab, other nearby genes were no longer able to trigger the immune system to fight off new virus attacks.It turns out, those ancient viruses have been protecting us against new ones all along.

10.A Built-in Stress Fighter

We have heard about the post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. It is not just the heroes that are in risk. Research shows that even the earthquake survivors have found a couple of different gene patterns which may play a role, too.

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Shockingly this same combinations have also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Researchers are looking into how these conditions are related to each other.