The 10 best biotech startups you’ve probably never heard of

Biotech startups are taking up the global market slowly. With more than three thousand companies in the biotech sector, there are plenty of opportunities in the biotech industries. Here is the list of top ten biotech startup companies that you should check


1. Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX)       


This company mainly targets on development and commercialization of medical problems such as epilepsy, arthritis, and cystic fibrosis. Vertex has shown potential for developing the new drug for cystic fibrosis. The market capital income is said to be around $ 28.9 billion over the past year.

 2. Fit bit


 This physical fitness hand band has recently entered the market and a hit. It is specially targeted for an audience who is fitness conscious and wants to keep track of their health all the time. This bracelet can be quickly attached to any devices, and one can conveniently keep track of their workout. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it also keeps track of the data points from day to day.

3. Illumina


This company has been growing remarkably over recent years. They use the HiSeq X Sequencing, which can perform a whole genomic sequence of the plant as well as the model organism in pharmaceutical research. The average sale growth is around 20%, and it is gradually making its mark in biotech industries.

4. TUTE genomics


This company allows scientists and researchers to research and access knowledge at a minimal cost. TUTE boasts for having the largest genomic library and advanced analysis tools. They use ANNOVAR, which is a known genomic interpretation technology for delivering accurate results.

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5. Gilead Sciences Inc


It is one of the most appealing companies from an investor’s viewpoint.  Gilead has been producing drugs known as Sovaldi and Harvoni, which treats Hepatitis C. This new drug has taken over the market rapidly and is said to cure HCV 90 percent of the time. Its market capitalization has increased up to $157.4 billion.

6. Allergan


This is a global company which is focused on commercializing and manufacturing of over the counter drugs and high-quality medicines. One of the Allergan’s products, Botox has been successful over the past years. The gross income is said to be approximately $23 billion. The firms, when combined, create one of the biggest biotechnology companies in the world. Its headquarter is situated in Dublin.

7. Benchling


Benchling is a cloud-based platform for scientists and research teams. The platform offers complex research tools analysis and helps global research teams to collaborate on projects. It helps to track works, letting scientists get back to the previous versions of DNA sequences if desired, and teams can download high–quality images for reports and presentations. There is free public access, and labs and research teams can take a lot of advantages from it.

8. Celgene


Celgene has been providing multiple myeloma drugs known as Reylimid, which is expected to increase by 15%. They have also launched other drugs known as Otezla for plaque psoriasis and have been expected to deliver over 1 billion sales. Overall this startup company has been forecasting net sales worth 11 billion

9. Kaggle


It is a data science niche website that is known as the world’s largest data science community and has over a quarter-million users in recent years. This site has a job board and also hosts the competition for students encouraging them to participate in different science education programs. They help them in learning as well as give them a sense of competition as there are different benchmarks set in every session.

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10. Counsyl


This is a web portal that lets people access medical screenings, which include genetic screens that help to reassure pregnant women about the risk of DNA abnormalities. It is done by DNA screening. Counsyl also provides clinicians who help in consulting patients

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