This U.S based company is using CRISPR-Cas for revolutionizing Biotech

Caribou Biosciences, a U.S based company is revolutinizing the field of biotechnology. It is researching and developing in the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing sector.

This startup company has been exploring the vast potential of CRISPR-Cas9 technology with various sectors of biotech like agricultural biotech, therapeutics,industrial biotech and also the biological research. They are developing new medical therapies and bio-based products that helps in benefiting both human health and the society as a whole.

Led by Rachel Haurwitz who has research background under CRISPR-Cas9 is not only a co-founder but also listed under forbes 30 under 30 (2014) and as one of the most influential young people in business (2016).

The main goal of this company is to find advancement in the new applications of CRISPR gene editing technology as this technology is a promising one in the near future.

The main four area which is prioritized are:

1. Industrial Biotechnology

2. Biological Research

3. Agriculture Biotechnology

4. Therapeutics

Having many strong alliances with leading industries, as well as a proper internal technology and product development they are driving to adopting a new era for medical therapies. The key collaborators of this company are Novartis and Intellia Therapeutics.This company is highly dedicated to developing solutions for cellular engineering and also in analysis by combining scientific expertise and integrity with quality systems, for delivering beneficial and safe products that is aimed to meet the need of customer.

The main application area that Caribou CRISPR-Cas is focusing are:

1. Genomics

2. Plant having enhanced traits

3. Genome Screening

4. New Disease Modelling

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