Woman fought superbug by transplanting her husband’s POOP inside her

Doctors had told Catherine Duff that they could do nothing. So with the help of her husband she carried out a Poo transplant at her own home!

So What exactly is a Poo transplant?

Faecal microbiota transplant aka  Poop transplant is a procedure, used by doctors to treat recurrent superbug C.diff infections.
It is only used when other treatments, such as long-term antibiotics do not work!

The large intestine is a home for many ‘‘good’ bacteria which keeps us healthy and helps fight infections.But when people contract superbugs, like Clostridium difficile that attack the good bacteria, it might lead to uncalled damage in your intestine.C. diff has been affecting over half a million people across the globe and is very difficult to treat.

When the superbugs become immune to antibiotics Poo transplant is used as a last resort. The treatment should only ever be performed by a qualified doctor.It involves collecting a stool sample from a donor, who have no harmful bug and have good digestive tract. The sample is mixed with saline, strained and placed into the patient with the help of colonoscopy, endoscopy or an enema.

C. diff sufferer Catherine Duff said “My doctors told me that there was nothing else they could offer me
“I was frantic and started researching and found out about FMT (Faecal microbiota transplant) in Australia.

Her husband suggested to do the transplant at home! She goes on by saying “within four hours I felt almost completely well”

When asked if transplanting her husband’s stool worried her, she said she was so desperate to get cured, she would have tried anything.

There isn’t a lot of hard evidence to suggest that FMT works, adding that we don’t know the immediate risk of not screening the poo and catching something – or the long term risks.

Source: the sun

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